Indica Dubs meets Shiloh Ites – Marching To Zion 7″ vinyl

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The third Indica Dubs release to feature Shiloh Ites. This melodic instrumental always uplifts the vibes and spirit in every session, including all major dub festivals this year: United Nations Of Dub, Dub Camp and International Dub Gathering.


You can imagine a biblical procession of musicians, horns blaring, drums beating, angelic voices calling out” by Reggae Roots Review (UK)

The melody takes you over the head for a long time after listening” by Culture Dub (France)

Perfectly suited for 18” speakers and a crowded, skanking dancefloor” by (Poland)



I’m pleased to announce that the tunes are now available for you to enjoy on 7″ vinyl here: Marching To Zion 7″


You can also get the digital download on it’s own here: Marching To Zion MP3





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