Zion Station Festival


June 21, 2018
10:00 pm
Zion Station Festival

Now celebrating its eighth-year anniversary; Zion Station was borne of a tireless energy that creates a unique atmosphere for communication amongst all the participants and visitors. The festival continues to grow from its roots in one of nature’s most beautiful settings; Zion Station has bloomed and each year showcased some interesting innovations while always focusing on the best in Sound System culture.

Think about the Root, the unique setting; the Lake Yard and its afternoon sessions on the shores of Zion Station’s beautiful lake provide a visual beauty that shines in harmony with the earth Bass vibrations. All the people at Zion station will be dancing in the cool shade of the trees by the lake – and when it gets too hot? You can just jump in – inna reggae riddim!

Here you can restore your own vital energies in the “naturality” of Zion Station’s beautiful setting. Zion Station Festival also promotes forms of association between people, the auto-sustainability philosophy adopted by the festival led to a dramatic reduction in the amount of journeys and reduced the impact on the environment, thanks to the car sharing organized by the InfoPoint as well as creating space for people to act together, share experiences and become part of Zion Station’s community vibration.

At Zion Station you can be a part of an international family; we provide workshops; discussions, a great choice of good foods as well as, “art’s and craft’s” from all over the world.

At Zion Station you will witness historic, virtuos Sound Sessions as the Systems quake together to reach the sublime heights of Bass culture.Zion Station Festival is an evolving movement that will always give new emotions to the massive through music, workshops, debates and cultural spaces.

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