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Earl Sixteen – Conquering Lion / Danman – Jah Guide & Protect [Indica Dubs] 10″



Side A1: Conquering Lion (feat. Earl Sixteen)


Side A2: Conquering Horns (feat. Saxophone Rootsman)


Side B1: Jah Guide & Protect (feat. Danman & Shelly Ravid)


Side B2: Guiding Dub (feat. Indica Dubs & Forward Fever)


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Artist: Earl Sixteen, Saxophone Rootsman, Danman, Shelly Ravid Indica Dubs, Forward Fever


Side A1: Conquering Lion

Side A2: Conquering Horns

Side B1: Jah Guide & Protect

Side B2: Guiding Dub

Size: 10″

Label: Indica Dubs

Year: 2016