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Alpha & Omega meets Indica Dubs – Jah Guide & Protect Remixes [Indica Dubs] LP


Track A1: King Of Zion (feat. Ras Mykha, Marion)

Track A2: The Vision (feat. Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds)

Track A3: Love Up The Herb (feat. Dan I Locks)

Track A4: Super Silver Dub (feat. Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds)

Track A5: Guide You (feat. Shelly Ravid)

Track B1: Righteous Man (feat. Danman)

Track B2: Conquering Horns (feat. Rootsman)

Track B3: Let Jah (feat. Earl Sixteen, Shelly Ravid, Marianne)

Track B4: Jah Guide & Protect (feat. Danman, Shelly Ravid)

Track B5: Jah Guide & Protect Dubplate Mix (feat. Danman, Shelly Ravid)

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Artist: Alpha & Omega, Indica Dubs, Ras Mykha, Marion, Conscious Sounds, Dan I Locks, Shelly Ravid, Danman, Rootsman, Marianne


Side A1: King Of Zion

Side A2: The Vision

Side A3: Love Up The Herb

Side A4: Super Silver Dub

Side A5: Guide You

Side B1: Righteous Man

Side B2: Conquering Horns

Side B3: Let Jah

Side B4: Jah Guide & Protect

Side B5: Jah Guide & Protect Dubplate Mix

Format: LP

Label: Indica Dubs

Year: 2017

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