Red, Gold, Green 7″ series feat. Indica Dubs, Dub Conductor, Jah Massive and Mystical Steppa

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This series brings you some fresh names collaborating on the Indica Dubs label.

Part 1, SHILOH ROCK, red label: This 7″ instrumental release is the first musical collaboration between Indica Dubs and Dub Conductor. The track was originally begun by Sukh in London, who sent the stems (individual parts such as kick, snare, bass, melodies) to Hamish in Ireland, who added some more parts and then mixed it down to create what you hear now. The track features a strong, fast and bouncy rhythm, with a deep bassline for the foundation. There are clear characteristics present from both producers in the final product. The dub mix takes the listener deep inside Hamish’s mixing desk, specifically the filter section, where the panning and the changing equalisation draw you deep inside the vibe of the Shiloh Rock. Stereo listening is a must!

Part 2, REVELATION DUB, gold label: This 7″ instrumental release is the first co-production between Indica Dubs and Jah Massive. The track was originally built by Indica Dubs (drums, bass, melodies) and then sent to Jah Massive to add some parts and mix the track down. “It’s the same song style as with Dub Conductor, which is an instrumental tune Steppa, with a huge Dub version, which will do some damage in session.” By Culture Dub (France).

Part 3, HARD TROD, green label: This 7″ instrumental steppers release is the first vinyl release from Mystical Steppa. The track has a heavy synth horns section and deep bass, which transforms as the first verse begins. Produced, mixed and mastered at London’s legendary Conscious Sounds studio, the quality of this track is outstanding as all things coming out of that studio!

All 3 records have been mastered by Dougie at Conscious Sounds, for that extra low-end warmth and smooth highs! Illustration and graphics drawn and created by Krissi (@krissjuls).



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