Principles of Dubplate series 3 x 10″

Indica Dubs meets Vibronics

January 21, 2022
Indica Dubs, Vibronics, Shiva, Vanya O, Danny Red, Splitz Horns
Indica Dubs
Producer: Indica Dubs, Vibronics

After the success of HIGHEST PRINCIPLES OF DUB; Indica Dubs & Vibronics bring you 3 x 10″ singles, with 6 of the most popular tracks from the album, plus unreleased vocal and dubplate mixes!

PRINCIPLES OF DUBPLATE! All the 10″ mixes are different from the LP mixes; produced together, half of the tracks mixed at the Indica Dubs studio, and the other half mixed at Vibronics’ The Dub Cupboard studio – tearing up the tracks with bizarre dubbing effects!

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