Sound System Outernational #8


November 5, 2022
10:30 am
Sound System Outernational #8
Indica Dubs
📌 “UK Sound System Reasoning Day: Continuities and Disruptions” brings together sound system operators from around the UK and across different generations to celebrate and exchange knowledge about how sound system culture and practice is performed; preserved or changed between generations; appropriated; accessed or limite.
🗣️ Through three reasoning sessions, we will learn how different practitioners started their sound systems; their approach to their practice and why; and how various political and social situations have influenced their sound system approach. How and why is the culture transforming, or being passed down and preserved, or being gatekept, or appropriated? What are the responsibilities of youngers and elders? What does the future hold?
🎙 We will explore how broader cultural landscapes and technological changes inform practitioners’ experiences. Indeed, is the traditional definition of a sound system still fitting, given technological and media platform changes in sound systems’ social and musical functions? The sessions are for sound system practitioners – artists, DJs, selectors, engineers, musicians, and activists – to reason with each other. Researchers and anyone else who participates directly or indirectly in sound system culture are welcome as an audience with some limited time for questions.
🥗 Lunch provided with exhibits and stalls to browse.
📽 Screening and Q&A of Iration Steppas’ Ina Vanguard Style documentary
🔈 Afterparty powered by Lewisham-based sound system Unit 137, featuring dub producer Jerry Lionz (live mix), vocalist Sista Lexxy, Hylu on the decks and multi-instrumentalist A.P Grimshaw.
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