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Indica Dubs & Chazbo - Call Of The Righteous 10"

Played by Jah Shaka sound system!

Call Of The Righteous’ continues in the series of releases produced by Indica Dubs and Chazbo. The re-occurring label designed in a gold-theme, completes the set amongst the red and green labels. Indica Dubs began the song with the drums, chords and bass sections for Chazbo to layer his signature uplifting warrior style synth horns.

The files were passed on to Vibronics for mixing and mastering a batch of several strong dub mixes. It was difficult to pick only 4 mixes for this release!

Test pressings fresh-in from the press; all-round crisp tops and roaring deep bass hitting all those nice frequencies on the sound system! Supreme mastering and cutting = approved!

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