Revelation Dub 7″

Indica Dubs meets Jah Massive

October 3, 2017
Indica Dubs, Jah Massive
Indica Dubs
Producer: Indica Dubs, Jah Massive

The red-gold-green series brings you some fresh names collaborating on the Indica Dubs label.

Part 2 of 3, REVELATION DUB, gold label: This 7″ instrumental release is the first co-production between Indica Dubs and Jah Massive. The track was originally built by Indica Dubs (drums, bass, melodies) and then sent to Jah Massive to add some parts and mix the track down.

“It’s the same song style as with Dub Conductor, which is an instrumental tune Steppa, with a huge Dub version, which will do some damage in session.” By Culture Dub (France).

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