Indica Dubs Sound System – The Premiere Session


Indica Dubs Sound System – The Premiere session @ Minus One, Ghent, Belgium, 30.09.17 After over 7 years, 50 vinyl releases, playing various sessions and festivals across the world, I decided it’s time to take it to the next step by unleashing the Indica Dubs Sound System! Give thanks to everyone that came to support the session, the event was sold out! This experience was something special, loading the truck, unloading the truck, setting up the sound, to packing up and all the learning experiences, fun, love and laughter in-between with my crew. Big up to my crew who made it possible and unconditionally supporting, big up my singers the great Earl Sixteen and Danman who done an amazing job on the mic for me! Big up Forward Fever and Echo Vault for the great warm up selection! Big up Live & Direct for setting up the session! Big up all nations in the session, people from the UK, Italy, Sicily, Netherlands, Hungary, France and all the massive that came through!

Jah guidance & protection until the next Indica Dubs Sound System session – stay tuned!

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